Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Finance & Development

  Prof. Isaac Sanga Kosgey, PhD
  Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Finance & Development


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Master of Business Administration -Strategic Management (Kenyatta, Kenya), Dip. Law (Mt. Kenya, Kenya), Dip. Animal Husbandry, BSc. Animal Production (Egerton, Kenya), MSc & Ph.D. Animal Sciences (Wageningen, The Netherlands)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (A,F&D) is answerable to the Vice-Chancellor. He is the Head of Administration, Finance and Development that deals with management of personnel matters, finances and infrastructure of the University. The DVC (AF&D) is currently the Chair of the University’s Tender Board, Staff Appointments Committee within the central administration of the University and Collective Bargaining Agreements Negotiations Committee. He is also the Team Leader of the Committee on the development of Laikipia University Strategic Plan (2015-2019) and the Management Representative of the Laikipia University Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008.

Responsibilities of the DVC (A,F&D)

According to Laikipia University Statute V, the DVC (A,F&D), under the general direction of the Vice-Chancellor, has the following responsibilities:

  1. Overall responsibility of direction, organization and administration of the Division of Administration, Finance & Development;
  2. Effectively co-ordinate the Administration, Finance & Development functions in the University;
  3. Be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the management of personnel and personnel matters, and the general conduct and discipline of staff;
  4. Ensure the University Management is properly and promptly advised to comply with all statutory and legal requirements currently in force;
  5. Ensure effective accountability to the Vice-Chancellor for the proper management of the University;
  6. Ensure sound financial controls;
  7. Ensure timely preparation and implementation of the University’s budget estimates and operational budget;
  8. Guide in strategic planning in education development; and
  9. Work with the DVC (A&R) to promote learning, teaching, research and development in the University.

The DVC (A,F&D) is the Chairperson of:

  1. The Staff Appointments Committee (in accordance with the existing Collective Bargaining Agreements) of the non-academic staff of Grade XII and below;
  2. Staff Disciplinary Committee for staff of Grade XI and below;
  3. Budget Committee (Ad hoc);
  4. Human Resource Development and Welfare Committee;
  5. Tender Committee
  6. Information, Communication and Technology Committee;
  7. Sports, Hospitality and Recreation Committee; and
  8. University Enterprise Committee.

The DVC (A,F&D) shall have such other duties as may be assigned or delegated by the Vice-Chancellor in accordance with Statute III (11).

The Departments under the jurisdiction of the DVC (A,F&D) are:

Human Resource, Finance, Medical, Transport, Catering, Accommodation/ Halls, Farm, Estates/ Maintenance, Information and Communication Technology Centre, and Planning and Performance Contracting.

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor(A,F&D)
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