External Linkages

The changing role of the Universities demands a greater connectivity and strong linkages with the local, national, regional and international communities. With the evolving role of the University, the department of External Linkages is becoming an important office to promote national and international collaborations and to develop partnerships with public, private and non-government institutions / organizations. This office also has the responsibility of attracting international students, placing University Students and Faculty in high ranking Universities, facilitating interaction between Faculty and Industry, as well as exerting a pull for financing of training, research and development activities of the University by national and international donors, alumni, civil society and agro-based industries.

Our Existing Collaborations

Meanwhile, the University has also been running a long term exchange programme with Karlstad University in Sweden-this year, a total of 3 students and 3 teaching staff will visit the university for a period of 3 months. More programmes and partnership is being sought in the areas of Dryland Agriculture.

Laikipia University has become the first University in Kenya to enter a collaborative arrangement with the Administration Police department to offer a Police Science Degree and train in high level capacity to enhance quality, relevance and effectiveness of human resources within the police service.

Equally, the University has recently signed an agreement with Galileo College in Israel on Homeland Security partnership. This will see staff and student exchange between the two universities in security training inthe country.Currently, the University is committed to strengthening its Sports Department and therefore currently seeking partnerships with Athletics Kenya, Olebro University in Sweden, University of Qatar, University of Botswana and many other international universities. Currently the department of external linkages has managed to establish dialogue with UNDP for curriculum in human rights and also with the national Youth Service (NYS).

External Linkages Brochure

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