Estates Department

  Mr. Charles Wangombe,
  Maintenance Officer




This is one of the service departments charged with the  responsibility of maintaining the physical facilities/infrastructure of the University.

Currently, the University is in the process of upgrading to the state-of-the-art facilities. This has been enabled through the Kenyan Vision 2030 flagship projects initiative.

The University has the following upcoming buildings/projects:

  • Vision 2030 Hall
  • Administration Block and Library
  • Twin Lecture Theatres
  • Sewerage system

Landscaping and beautification of grounds

Staff Car Park

The University Master Plan is now available and upgrading of the road network is on-going.

Students are encouraged to request for the Departments’ service through respective heads of departments or the Dean of Students Office.

Water Supply
There are two sources of water:

  • A natural spring from the forest with an average of 87 Cubic metres a day.
  • A Bore Hole

Despite having these sources, water conservation is encouraged. This include closing of all taps when not in use.

Power Supply
Power is a very expensive source of fuel when used wrongly.  Laikipia University provides power for lighting and other uses. However, the use of radiant coils and hot plates is not allowed since it would result in overloading. Apart from drawing a lot of power, overloading causes cables to melt and is very dangerous to users and the buildings as well.
It is important for students to note is illegal to do electrical connection without the relevant authorities because this is both dangerous to them and the buildings as well.

Maintenance of Buildings
Most of the hostels have been painted and the occupants are requested to take maximum care of the rooms and avoid any form of defacement on the walls, doors, windows, ceilings and floors.
In the event of defacement, appropriate remedial maintenance work will be done at the students’ expense.
Fire extinguishers have been installed. You are cautioned against tampering with them unless it is an emergency.
The Grounds and Building Section of the Department can be called upon for repairs to building systems like electrical, plumbing, masonry and carpentry works /general upkeep. Delayed maintenance work leads to rapid deterioration of building structures. Remember that a leaking roof leads to deterioration in the ceiling boards and walls as well as floors and electrical appliances.

Students and staff are supposed to take good care of all the facilities and use them appropriately. Cases of any breakdown should be reported immediately.

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