Directorate of Post Graduate Studies

  Prof. Jacinta Ndambuki, PhD





The Directorate administratively combines the mandates of two Boards namely:

  1. Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachments Programmes
  2. Board of Postgraduate Studies

The mandate of each Board is distinct as provided for under Statutes XXI and XXII of Laikipia University respectively as:

  • Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachments Programmes
  1. Coordinating, harmonizing and reviewing academic programmes in consultation with Faculties and Departments, and advising the University Senate on the quality of these curricula
  2. Coordinating and facilitating Field/Industrial attachment programmes and Teaching Practice.
  3. Developing methods of evaluating teaching / learning effectiveness in liaison with the Directorate of Quality Assurance
  • Board of  Postgraduate Studies
  1. Admission of postgraduate students;
  2. Proper implementation of curricula, supervision of postgraduate study programmes, and the administration and processing of postgraduate examinations, research projects and theses; verifying that postgraduate syllabi conform to senate requirements;
  3. Ensuring that postgraduate regulations are adhered to by Schools, Institutes, Departments, Centers or such other bodies of learning and research as established or recognized by council in consultation with senate;
  4. Facilitating the admission of graduate students and verify that minimum entry qualifications are met by all potential students;
  5. Administering postgraduate scholarships and research grants;
  6. Overseeing the conduct and administration of postgraduate study programmes including teaching, examinations, awarding of post-graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates, as well as the calibre of academic staff who participate in the teaching and supervision of graduate students;
  7. Preparing and enforcing rules and regulations pertaining to graduate studies in so far as such rules and regulations have been approved by Senate;
  8. Verifying that research projects, theses and dissertations conform to Senate requirements; and
  9. Ensuring the general welfare and discipline of post-graduate students.

The current Board is constituted by:

  1. Jacinta Ndambuki    Director
  2. Rutere Mugambi      Rep. School Of Humanities & Development Studies
  3. Robert B. Mwebi      Rep. School of Education
  4. John Wahome         Rep. School of Science
  5. Fred Buluma            Rep. School of Business
  6. Isaac Ochieng          Senate  Representative
  7. Carolyn Odiyo          University Librarian
  8. Beatrice Yogo           Dean of Students
  9. Paul M. Nzioki          Director, Quality Assurance
  10. Kamau Goro            Director, Research Extension and Consultancy
  11.  Administrator (BPGS)/ Secretary

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