Department of Curriculum and Education Management

  Dr. Ronald Nyamwamu, PhD
  Ag. Chairperson of Department




The core mandate of the Curriculum and Educational Management Department is to train and produce teacher and teacher educators for all levels of the education system in Kenya and beyond. The curriculum for the different academic programs domiciled in the Department have been developed based on principles governing formulation of academic disciplines. It is also flexible to accommodate unique and specific students’ needs, abilities and individual interests.

The Department of Curriculum and Educational Management offers courses to all education students, both arts and science. These courses comprise professional and legal aspects of teacher education, which are compulsory for all teacher trainees. The curricula for various academic programs are designed to provide adequate skills in education and also in professional areas.

The curriculum courses offered in the Department of Curriculum and Educational Management are designated using the EDCI code, while the Educational, Planning, Economics and Administration courses are designated using the EAPE code.

The academic programs offered by the Department of Curriculum and Educational Management include the following;

  • Bachelor of Education (Arts and Science) (secondary and Primary option)
  • Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension.
  • Diploma in Education (Primary and Secondary option)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Masters in Educational Management (Administration, Planning and Economics option).
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management (PhD)



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