Peer Counselors’ Day 8th March 2019 at LU Main Campus

Peer Counselors are students who are trained to act as Para-professionals. They assist their peers to deal with psychological, emotional and social issues. They are an integral part of the Counseling Section. Peer Counselors reach out to their fellow students through mentorship forums, social support groups and individual counseling. The group plays a key role in identifying and referring complicated counseling cases such as suicidal tendencies, depression, psychological disorders among other issues that require attention from the Students Counselors. Currently there are 40 trained peer counselors.

The day was organized by the Counseling Section under Students Affair Department to sensitize the students on accessibility of the Counseling services in the University. The Peer Counselors’ Day activities included:

  • Sensitizing students on negative effects of drug use and substance abuse
  • Encouraging students to seek Counseling services
  • Interacting with other students through various sporting activities that is, football, netball and tag of war as they sensitize them on the role of peer counselors in the University
  • Distributing condoms and encourage students to avoid irresponsible sexual behavior
  • Responding to students’ questions and concerns regarding Counseling services


The Peer Counselors were able to reach out to students through word of mouth and referred some students who needed Counseling services to the Students Counselor. The day was fruitful.

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