LU Celebration of ISO Certification, Launch of Strategic Plan & Farm Business Plan

LU Celebration of Certification to ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 and ISO 9001:2015, and Launch of  2018/2019-2022/2023 Strategic Plan and 2019/2021 Farm Business Plan on Friday, 16th August 2019 at the Main Campus.



As a Council, we are happy to have delivered the double ISO Certification as well as the launch of important operational Plans for the University. It is indeed a rare and unparalleled occurrence. In this regard, the University Council acknowledges the effort by the University Management Board, the Senate and Staff in these achievements. The Council is proud to have walked with you in this journey.

In fact, I would like to give a special mention of the fact that the Vice-Chancellor has been with us for only one year and yet the number of milestones we have been able to achieve as a University with him at the helm is really enormous! Thank you Mr. Vice-chancellor for this selfless and unmatched commitment. The double ISO certification will benefit the University in many ways. To mention a few, there will be better resource management, reduced wastage, increased operational efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and improved security of University information. Moreover, this double certification guarantees our graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan will position the University for the next five years as a key player in the Kenya Government’s realization of Vision 2030 and the Global SDGs. As a matter of fact, the Strategic Plan has been aligned to the Government’s “Big Four Agenda”. Consequently, the Plan sets up a sense of strategic direction for the University to make her more proactive in addressing emerging issues.

We are also launching a three year University Farm Business Plan. The Plan will play a crucial role of resource mobilization for the University. At the national level, it is important to note that the Plan will contribute towards the realization of the “Big Four Agenda”.

The Council therefore commits to continuously provide and offer policy guidance for the implementation and maintenance of the ISO Standards, Strategic Plan and the Farm Business Plan.


I take this opportunity to welcome you all to Laikipia University on this momentous occasion as we celebrate the Certification to Information Security Management System-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and Quality Management System–ISO 9001:2015; as well as to the launch of the Laikipia University Strategic Plan 2018/19 - 2022/23 and Laikipia University Farm Business Plan (2019 - 2021).

I am delighted to note that Laikipia University is the second university in Kenya to attain ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the fourth Institution countrywide to attain such a fete.

We are also celebrating the successful transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 system of quality standards. In essence, this means that we are celebrating certification to two standards at the same time.

We greatly attribute this achievement to the leadership of the University Council, support by the University Management Board and the commitment exhibited by all members of staff.

The implementation and Certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 will not only enhance customer satisfaction and assure our customers of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Information, but also demonstrate the University’s commitment to consistently provide products and services that meet applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Moreover, the management systems’ certification is a sign of our continual commitment and reassurance that the University operations are in line with international best practices.

Today, we are also launching the 2018/19 - 2022/23 Strategic Plan and the 2018/19 – 2020/21 Farm Business Plan.

The launch of the Strategic Plan is a roadmap of proactively refocusing the University towards responding to emerging societal issues and is therefore geared to positioning the university globally in order to achieve a competitive edge.

The Plan outlines the University’s intended contribution towards the attainment of the Government’s Vision 2030 Medium Term Plan III (Education sector) and the “Big Four Agenda” as well as meeting our Institutional Development goals.

In contributing to the Universal Health Care priority area of the “Big Four Agenda”, the University has procured a state-of-the-art Ambulance, acquired a Serum Biochemistry analyser and Haematology analyser machines. Additionally, the University has consistently held an Annual Health Week event during which the community accesses free medical services.

Once again, I reiterate by thanking the University Council which has espoused valuable leadership and demonstrated enormous commitment towards actualization of our Vision and Mission as a University. I also want to appreciate the Organizing Committee for this event for its tireless efforts towards making today’s occasion a success. Special tribute to the ISO Certification Team, the Strategic Plan and Farm Business Plan Committee’s for their selfless efforts in making us realize these deliverables.


The Certification to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 is a clear demonstration by Laikipia University to her stakeholders that we have enhanced our operations to continually improve on the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of our information management systems, improve our customer satisfaction and practise adherence to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


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Laikipia University is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified