Laikipia University Institutional Ethics Review Committee (LU-IERC)

 Laikipia University is committed to be at the forefront in ensuring that the country realizes its dream of having researches of high ethical standards; ensures research is conducted in a manner that respects the dignity, rights and welfare of participants. In this regard the University has established Laikipia University Institutional Ethics Review Committee (LU-IERC).

The LU-IREC is one of the key committees in research anchored in the Laikipia University Statutes and Research Policy.

LU-IERC shall operate under National Commission of Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI). The Committee shall review all submitted applications in accordance with the procedure established by LU-IREC. The committee shall review every research proposal undertaken by members of Laikipia University (inclusive of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff) and community in the surrounding for ethical practices before the research is initiated. The Committee shall evaluate the possible risks to the participants and subjects with proper justification, the expected benefits and adequacy of documentation for ensuring privacy, confidentiality and the justice issues. In future, the Committee shall develop mechanisms of networking with other Institutional Ethics Review Committees (IERCs) within the region and internationally.

LU-IREC shall serve as the regulatory entity for research at Laikipia University and as an independent representative and competent body to review, evaluate and decide on the scientific and ethical merits of research proposals. It is committed to ensuring and guaranteeing the rights, dignity, safety and protection of actual or potential individuals and communities who participate in research. This respect for human participants should extend to non-human subjects, plants and the environment.

Role of the LU-IREC

  1. Coordinate and regulate all matters pertaining to research ethics and integrity at Laikipia University and its affiliate campuses;
  2. Receive, review all research proposals at LU on ethical issues and make recommendations to the NACOSTI;
  3. Ensure the protection of the dignity, rights and well-being of potential and actual research participants;
  4. Ensure compliance with all regulations, policies and standards to ensure animal welfare;
  5. Monitor the implementation of approved research to ensure ethical compliance; and
  6. Prepare and submit annual reports to the NACOSTI.

Members of LU-IREC includes the following:

  1. Prof. Moses Rotich           Chair              
  2. Dr. Janerose Mayabi         Member         
  3. Dr. Margaret Ngugi          Member         
  4. Dr. Peter Mwaura             Member         
  5. Prof. Felicia Yieke            Member         
  6. Prof. Nicholas Kamau      Member         
  7. Ms. Imelda Wanjau          Member
  8. Peter Kimani Wakiriba     Lay     

On June 17 2019 a team from NACOSTI visited Laikipia University. The purpose of the visit was to undertake monitoring and evaluation of Laikipia University Ethics Review Committee and to assess its preparedness for accreditation. A courtesy call was made by NACOSTI team to the Vice- Chancellor’s Office.


  1. Prof. Violet Naanyu -Team leader
  2. Dr. Stephen Karimi Kibiru - Director (Research, Accreditation & Quality Assurance)
  3. Dr. Boniface Wanyama - Head of Registration (Accreditation & Quality Assurance)
  4. Mr. Abdalla Bii (Legal Officer)
  5. Mrs. Charity Musembi
  6. Ms. Joan Chepletting
  7. Rev. Frallystone Omusala

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