Dr. Naftal M Nyanga’ra Appointed President - KEFUCA - UNESCO

Dr Naftal Michira Nyang’ara, PhD, was elected by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) members as the President of the Kenya Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations (KEFUCA) on 19th February  2019 at Kenya Education Management Institute -Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Nyang’ara is the Patron of Laikipia University UNESCO Club (LUUSCO). He lectures at the Department of Educational Psychology, Counseling & Educational Foundations of Laikipia University.

As KEFUCA President his main role entails, co-ordination of all UNESCO Clubs, Centers & Associations in Kenya both at the Local, Regional  and International level. This co-ordination includes; fostering of peace through promotion of tolerance, cohesion and sustainable development. The seat of KEFUCA Presidency is domiciled at Laikipia University and this therefore strategically gives Laikipia University an edge worldwide on matters of UNESCO Clubs. The role of KEFUCA is to contribute towards the realization of Vision 2030 by promoting a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for sustainable development through the vehicle of UNESCO clubs in Kenya and the world.

Dr. Nyang’ara’s vision is that KEFUCA functions as a repository of ideas and a pace-setter in forging universal agreements on emerging ethical issues within educational institutions in Kenya. KEFUCA  undertakes the role of ensuring that UNESCO clubs acts as centers of research  through knowledge creation and sharing. KEFUCA  does the role of helping Kenyan UNESCO clubs to build their human and institutional capacities in diverse fields.

KEFUCA undertakes the role of establishing local grassroots movement with a global perspective by using a community’s own experience, skills and outlook to foster peace and exchange of experiences- these entails groups of people from all walks of life who share a firm belief in UNESCO’s ideals as set out in its Constitution.

Dr. Nyang’ara has experience of working with and building teams both at the national and international levels with a purpose of spurring growth and development of humanity. He has enormous knowledge in managing development partners which spans from his 30 years engagement with critical stakeholders who includes; governments, private and public sectors, UN agencies and Community groups while implementing development initiatives with them.

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