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Coretrain Ltd and Coretrain Journal of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

CORETRAIN stands for Consultancy, Research and Training. Heeding to calls by the Division of Academic and Research of Laikipia University to form Research Teams, CORETRAIN started as a research team at Laikipia University; an initiative from the Department of Literary and Communication Studies within the School of Humanities and Development Studies. CORETRAIN LTD was thereafter launched in 2016, with a main agenda to advance scholarship amongst both faculty and students. Though multifaceted and multidisciplinary, the CORETRAIN initiative is largely learner-based. CORETRAIN seeks to provide mentorship to graduate students on how to do research and also train them on the research processes that include field work issues as well as engaging in academic publishing, amongst others. Apart from holding workshops and seminars for graduate students as well as hosting conferences for the academia, CORETRAIN also launched an Academic Journal whose inaugural issue came out in April 2019.

CORETRAIN Journal of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (CORETRAIN Journal) is the name of a multidisciplinary online, open-access and double-blind peer-reviewed publication. It covers the disciplines of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. The journal aims at creating awareness, shaping and also re-shaping knowledge already created and challenging existing theories and practices related to academic research in its diverse disciplines. The journal invites scholars and researchers to submit their novel and conjectural ideas in the domains of Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education in the form of research articles, book reviews, case studies, review articles and personal opinions that will benefit researchers in the specified areas as well as the society as a whole.

CORETRAIN Journal of Languages, Humanities , Social Sciences and Education, ISSN 2363-24, is published with the support of School of Humanities and Development Studies (SHDS) of Laikipia University. You can also follow us on


  1. Prof. Albert Mugambi Rutere            Chairman
  2. Prof. James Onyango Ogola             Patron
  3. Dr. Evelyn Mahero                             Secretary
  4. Dr. Sheila Pamela Wandera              Treasurer
  5. Prof. Felicia Arudo Yieke                   Member
  6. Prof. Vicky Khasandi Telewa             Member
  7. Prof. Nicholas Goro Kamau              Member
  8. Dr. Eliud Kirigia                                 Member
  9. Dr. Kefa Lidundu Simwa                   Member
  10. Mr. Francis Ndegwa                          Member


Contact for CORETRAIN Journal:

Prof. Felicia Arudo Yieke

Editor in Chief



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