Word From The Chairman, Laikipia University Alumni Association

  Dr. Francis M. Kangure PhD, MBA, HND, B.Ed (Arts),

  Human Resources Manager, Kenya Power and Lighting Company


Since its inception as a Campus of Egerton University in 1990 and its subsequent transformation into full-fledged University on February 19, 2013 Laikipia University has produced close to 6,000 graduates. This alumni base consists of professionals working within and outside Kenya. The Laikipia University Alumni’s contribution to humanity in various disciplines and in providing service to humanity is tremendous.

The purpose of the LU Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of Laikipia University. The Alumni Association supports the University’s goals, and strengthen the ties between Alumni, the community, and the University


  • Cecil Mbarire, Member of Parliament, Runyenjes Constituency
  • Dr. Francis M. Kangure PhD, Human Resources Manager, Kenya Power Company
  • Charles Muguchia, Professor of Mathematics, Buttler Community College, USA
  • Mark Lereluk PhD, Director, Laikipia University Maralal Campus
  • Isaac King’ori PhD, Director, Laikipia University Nyahururu Campus
  • Peter Githae PhD, Chairman, Curriculum and Educational Management Department at Laikipia University
  • Stephen N. Thuku PhD, Lecturer, Curriculum and Educational Management Department at Laikipia University
  • Kuria Wamukuru PhD, Coordinator, School based Office at Egerton University
  • Ms Lily Ronoh, Revise Editor, Parents Magazine
  • Ms Lydiah Waiya, Chairperson, Sports and Games Department, Laikipia University


  • Dr. Francis Mugo Kangure          Chairman
  • Ms Lily Ronoh                        Secretary
  • Jesse Mwangi                         Treasurer


In 2013, a group of former students from Laikipia University saw it fit to start a powerful alumni association with the aim of connecting the alumni to the university and to each other. Hence the association was registered with the registrar of societies. Prior to registration, it was a requirement that the association has a constitution in place and an executive committee.

In December that same year, the association held its first free and fair election with Mr. Francis Kangure being elected the chairman of the association. In the same meeting, new members were registered and the constitution was adopted. So far, the association has a membership of over 200.

The alumni association members live in every county in Kenya, and in numerous countries around the world. Ultimately, the association aims to provide valued services to members, and to support the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.

The association’s strategic plan provides a roadmap for the future focused on enhanced membership service, organizational growth, strengthened alumni engagement as well as relationship development with key stakeholders.



To serve present and future Alumni and University Community by working to develop a viable avenue for successful activities that would support the University’s vision.


To mobilize stakeholders and well-wishers in support of Laikipia University College progress as well as fostering close networking amongst alumni, University College and the world.


  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Good Governance


Laikipia University Alumni Association will have the following categories of members:-

Ordinary Members

All graduates of Laikipia University since its inception as an institution of higher learning in 1990 upon payment of membership and subscription fees which shall be set by the Executive Committee and approved by members from time to time.

Life Members

Members who opt to pay a lump sum fee as will be decided by the AGM from time to time and thus will be exempted from annual subscriptions.

Associate Members

Comprise graduates of other Universities who are employees of Laikipia University, with a common interest with the Alumni and must apply to pay, upon acceptance of membership and subscription fee which shall be determined by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting from time to time.

Fellows of the Association

Comprising those Alumni who in the opinion of the Association have excelled and distinguished themselves as members of the Association. Prospective fellows of the Association shall be identified by the Executive Committees and presented to the AGM for ratification.

Honorary Membership

Comprise the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellors, Principal, Deputy Principals, and all Present and past members of the teaching staff of Laikipia University, upon payment of registration fee as determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting, provided such members shall not belong to some category of other membership.

 Affiliate Members
Comprise corporate bodies, NGOs and graduates of other universities with interest of identification with Laikipia University and must for this purpose have approved dealings with Laikipia University e.g. teaching, placements, collaborations etc.Such members will be required to pay registration and subscription fees as determined by the executive and passed at an Annual General Meeting.


Institutions seek stronger relations with the alumni because the alumni are seen as resources to assist institutions deal with various challenges facing them.

Some of the challenges include:-

  •  The dwindling financial support by Governments causing institutions to seek alternative sources of funding.
  • Liberalization of education leading to establishment of more institutions of higher learning and therefore greater competition for students.
  • Globalization that has led to opening of Campuses of foreign universities in Kenya thus creating competition to the local universities.
  • Increased need for involvement of stake holders in the development of programmes and review of existing ones to align them with market demand.
  • Limited employment opportunities for graduates making it difficult to attract students in some programmes hence the need to undertake greater promotional work by institutions.
  • Increased requirements for transparency and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Greater pressure for performance with minimal resources e.g. the performance contracting concept.


  • For job seekers, their institutions provide a source of employment contacts. Many companies seeking employees often make requests to the institutions for graduates to employ.
  • The graduates also seek recommendations from lecturers at the institution when going for job interviews. In the cause of their employment sometimes graduates consult institutions when they are in need of further guidance or information concerning their areas of specialization.
  • For those entering business, they may need additional human resources and this may be provided by the institutions. They may also seek technical advice institutions.
  • Opportunities for further studies. Some graduates may go back to their former institutions for further studies.
  • Creating networks with other former students who may provide information on opportunities for business, employment and further studies.


The Alumni often have first-hand knowledge of the institutions from their study experiences.

They can therefore:

  • Act as University’s special ambassadors in spreading word about the exciting opportunities in the institutions.
  • Make presentations to prospective students in Kenya and abroad thereby help in marketing of the institutions and their programmes.
  • Provide feedback to the institutions on their programmes and therefore help in the improvement of such programmes.
  • Serve on advisory committees at the various faculties, departments, or research centres.
  • Assist as resource or contact persons.
  • Serve as assessors, judges, or examiners in various activities.
  • Assist in enhancement of professional or personal enrichment of fellow alumni or current students.
  • Share knowledge and experience with students, and inspire them
  • Serve as guests of honor, and speakers at various student bodies.
  • Assist with industrial attachment of students.
  • Assist with job seeking of fresh graduates.
  • Make financial contributions and donations in kind for development of institutions.

Through the above activities, the Alumni Association can help the institution overcome several challenges, In particular:

  • The institutions would generate additional financial resources for running their programmes from Alumni contributions.
  • The institutions have access to a mass of human resources that can be utilized to support their various needs.
  • The institutions can improve their physical facilities for more effective training.
  • The institutions can get greater student enrolments through promotional activities undertaken by their alumni.
  • The institutions would have capacity to undertake better research using additional funds generated and better physical facilities
  • The institutions can be able to develop more relevant programmes through the involvement of the alumni in the curriculum development and review.


  • Good alumni relations can act as social control through peer pressure and role modeling.
  • They can contribute to more effective human resource base to support societal development by provision of good facilities for training.
  • Improvement in facilities at local institution will attract highly qualified individuals who currently migrate to developed countries with such facilities.


The objectives will be to:-

  • Promotes social and intellectual interaction between LU and the Alumni and within the Alumni
  • Contribute to the growth of LU by participating in development projects.
  • Promote, improve and protect the interest and welfare of the members and the University.
  • Encourage, develop and maintain academic and social traditions unique to LU.
  • Establish collaborative links with other Alumni bodies and organizations within and beyond Kenya.
  • Participate in the deliberations of the University in the interest of the development of the Alumni and the University.
  • Participate in any other worthwhile national and international development activities that will portray the association and the University in good light.
  • Devise ways and means of raising funds for the activities of the alumni and collaborative projects with the university.


The Alumni Association shall be duty bound to meet and discuss any matters within the sphere of LU and transit recommendations arising out of such discussions to the University Council, Senate and other relevant committees.

The Strategic activities are;

  • Promoting and popularize the image of Laikipia University
  • Organizing community events and activities that are of value and add interest to the LU Community at large
  • Pro-actively solicit for materials, financial and human resources in line with supporting LU reach its targets
  • Foster motivation through honoring distinguished students, staff and exemplary alumni in the society in different areas of excellence.
  • Assemble and maintain Alumni Association membership database including the publication of LU Alumni Association Newsletters and Magazines.
  • Keep accurate records of the key events and milestones of the Association
  • Liase with other Alumni associations to achieve aforementioned goals.
  • Organise re-union meetings, Alumni days, football weekends, educational programmes, Alumni conferences, Campus visits, Scholars awards and Alumni Schools’ forums.
  • Organize for attachment and internship for Laikipia University students in the industry.

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