Laikipia University encourages use of modern technologies to carry out research. It is in this view that the Directorate of Research,Extension and Consultancy has set aside new technologies to help our scholars in their research.
Some of these Technologies include:

The LU Library in partnership with the Directorate Research, Extension and Consultancy has installed a TEEAL.

TEEAL in brief is:

  • The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library
  • A digital database of over 200 top scientific journals with millions of pages of current research.
  • Accessible offline, via your local network or a single PC – no Internet.
  • Full-text articles on-demand at your fingertips
  • A fully searchable citation database (CAB, Biosis, PubMed… material starting from the 1990. Annually updated with the previous year’s content…a permanent part of your collection

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Electronic Resources
The Directorate of Research, Extension and Consultancy has facilitated access to various Electronic Resources to assist students and members of staff to carry out their research. They include:
      • Agora

It provides access to Agricultural Resources.

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      • Oare

It provides access to Research in the Environment Resources.

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      • Hinari

It provides access to Health Research Resources.

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